yolanda warnich

re-imagining the landscape

Folded map untitled 2 _ drawing _ 110 x

quick intro


A recent ‘Nature Climate Change’ article termed the experience of ecological grief as a natural - though overlooked - response to ecological loss, likely to affect even more of us moving into the future. It was described as “the grief felt in relation to experienced or anticipated ecological losses, including the loss of species, ecosystems, and meaningful landscapes due to acute or chronic environmental change.”


Yolanda states that she created the mapped drawings in Reimagining the landscape as a tangible response to her own sense of ecological grief as she hovers between the memories and present experiences of her natural environments. 



These works were exhibited

at the AVA Gallery, Cape Town (2018)


They represent Yolanda's contribution to the trio exhibition SCAPES 

with Ingrid Coerlin and Mem Sevenster

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