yolanda warnich

The curious remix of pigments and pixels
(2015 - 16)


quick intro


These artworks evolved from Yolanda’s Karoo bit.mapped project, where she took many photographs of the land from her slowly moving car, then manipulated the images digitally via Photoshop.

Here though, she used a manipulated digital landscape image as subject matter and painted it onto a support made up of 25 small canvases - painted pixels, just as a photographic image is built up from digital pixels.

Yolanda subverts the concept of landscape painting by using oil paint – a medium associated with traditional landscape painting – to paint the digitally engineered landscape image with all its blurring and defects.

To further emphasise the potential for digital manipulation, the image was taken apart to create smaller compositions. Here nine of them are shown as a frieze, a long horizontal line which mimics a horizon.

Such technical manipulations of a conventional subject matter and art medium represent Yolanda’s exploration with the creative possibilities inherent when shifting between traditional and new media.



via outoftheCUBE, these works formed part of the exhibition

The Crossing Place 

2016 KKNK,

Oudtshoorn, Eastern Cape.

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