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yolanda warnich

Karoo bit.mapped


quick intro

Yolanda Warnich’s Karoo bit.mapped (2013) is a work in progress. It forms part of a two-year self-directed project.


Yolanda's commercial photographic work has renewed her interest in the materiality of subjects in her artmaking. She feels that, during the last decade, the prevalence of digital photography has shifted the viewer’s relationship with contemporary art. Since we tend to experience paintings mainly as reproductions - in books, magazines, or on the internet - we can never be sure of the artwork’s medium.

Another influence for Yolanda, with her background as a painter, has been the works of the Romantic painter William Turner. Her enjoyment of the seductive nature of his paintings has guided the way she applies the camera as a tool in creating new imagery. As she drives slowly, her camera catches the subtle shifts of the blurring landscape. The source material for Turner’s imagery often stemmed from his travels, and although he made many sketches, he always painted his final works in his studio. Likewise, Yolanda captures her preliminary imagery on camera, here travelling through the Karoo, and digitally manipulates them into final works in her studio.


She says of her work: “In the captured images, I aim to evoke rather than document my surrounding landscape.”


This 2013 body of work has provided a foundation for further creative exploration.

artist's statement

interview with artist 

these artworks are for sale as digital J.PEGS 

This is an exciting project - Yolanda has chosen to sell the digital images as hi-res J.PEGs in an edition of 25.

Each purchaser will receive a high-res J.PEG image along with a letter of authorisation from the artist ​

The purchaser has the choice of what to do with them - print them at any size on any paper or surface, keep it as a digital image to convert their tv into an artwork. 

​Yolanda says "my studio/work space has been converted into the virtual landscape". (see interview)

She accepts that she and outoftheCUBE will have no control over the fate of any artwork sold purely as a digital image - but both must trust that the purchaser will handle the image ethically.

via outoftheCUBE, these works were exhibited digitally at the 2015 Turbine Art Fair (TAF15), Johannesburg; as part of the exhibition Hard Ground, at Canteen, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg; and in the outoftheCUBE 2016 KKNK exhibition The Crossing Place.

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