yolanda warnich

professional photographer

Yolanda Warnich lives and works in the Strand, Western Cape.

She completed her BA (Fine Arts) at the University of South Africa.

Over time, Yolanda has explored many mediums, mainly painting, drawing, printmaking and sculptural installation. Her subject matter mainly refers to the land and the natural environment.

Yolanda - quick creative work history

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Yolanda has participated in several group exhibitions.


Via outoftheCUBE, her work was featured at the 2015 Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg, the 2015 exhibition Hard Ground at Canteen, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg, and at the 2016 KKNK in the Eastern Cape. 

Yolanda is a full-time artist, and will also undertake certain commissions.

She is a member of the art collective The Printing Girls.

Yolanda and her husband Hennie own and run Nice Touch Media.


Folded map untitled 1 _ drawing _ 75x 60


Re-imagining the landscape

Yolanda's participation in the trio exhibition SCAPES

AVA Gallery, Cape Town


6 PAINTED MG_001.jpg


The curious remix of pigments and pixels

experimental project


6 IMG_0351.#instapic.jpg


Karoo bit.mapped

experimental online exhibition


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