why did I start this project?

mandy conidaris

​(co-founder, director, and curator)

I am asked this question all the time! My core fascination with creative work has always been ‘why?’ rather than ‘who/what?’. I have selected these 'outofthecube' artists based on my interest in their work and belief in their creative integrity.

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The artists' pages include info on the interests and thinking/working processes of each artist, plus how these grew into works of art.


Over the years I have despaired at how limited and costly are exhibiting opportunities for many early- and mid-career South African artists. I decided to create this exhibiting platform, accessible to a broader viewing segment of art lovers, without the intimidation associated with visiting a bricks & mortar gallery - and at a much lower expense for the artist.

I have been criticised, mainly around art needing to be seen in 'real life' rather than 'just' online. Of course this is true in part. But outoftheCUBE offers the chance for many more artists to exhibit and many more people to view the work - 24/7. The works can be enlarged and details looked at. Viewers are encouraged to contact the artist. And outoftheCUBE guarantees the great technical quality of any works for sale through our portal. 

So ... just #keep calm and click on art!

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outofthecube.online has evolved from a project co-founded by Kevin Sneider and myself in 2013 - the 5-year online platform outofthecube.co.za (link no longer live, works in this site's archive).

Here we are (much younger!) at outoftheCUBE's first exhibition at the Johannesburg Turbine Art Fair 2014 - e-catalogue 

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