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(outoftheCUBE co-founder, director, and curator)

outoftheCUBE is a Johannesburg-based online visual arts platform with no physical gallery space.


in this era of Covid, we were ahead of our time!

outoftheCUBE features work by a select group of innovative South African art-makers and has an extensive archive,

great for researching contemporary South African mid-career artists. ... so why do I do this?

I am asked this question all the time! My core fascination with creative work has always been ‘why?’ rather than ‘who/what?’.


The artists' pages include info on the interests and thinking/working processes of each artist, plus how these grew into works of art.


Over the years I have despaired at how limited and costly are exhibiting opportunities for many mid-career South African artists - so I decided to create this exhibiting platform, accessible to a broader segment of art lovers, without the intimidation associated with visiting a bricks & mortar gallery - and a much lower expense for the artist.

I have been criticised, mainly around art needing to be 'seen' in real life. Of course this is true. But outoftheCUBE offers the chance for many more artists to exhibit and many more people to view the work - 24/7. The works can be enlarged and details looked at. And technical quality is paramount if the works are resolved and ready to sell. 

So ... no boundaries here! has evolved from a project co-founded by Kevin Sneider and myself in 2013 - the 5-year online platform (works in the archive).

outoftheCUBE and South African prints

Printmaking has had a rich and diverse recent history in South Africa, closely allied to our politics and social concerns. We have several professional printmaking studios that produce technically world-class prints, and many excellent artists who work in print.

There is a fast-growing international interest in South African art. But when I attended the 2018 London Fine Art Print Fair (LOPF), I was saddened to see that South Africa was represented by only four small prints by just one of our country's artists.

My specialist field of interest lies in our country's contemporary original prints and printmaking. I have worked as an original print consultant for over 25 years, and have a country-wide network that includes South Africa's leading printmaking studios and artists who work in print.

     all images are the property of the artists

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